Top 5 OptiFine Alternatives on Fabric 1.18.1


Using Fabric and want to use mods that are seen in OptiFine? Then check these out! View full article to continue.

Video Source:

The mods shown in the video are all included in the OpalFab modpack which also includes more mods like capes, better grass, fog, and more. Grab the OpalFab modpack today from HERE

Fabric Skyboxes - Grab it HERE
Get the skybox resource pack files separately. You can find them on the discord page of the Fabric Skybox creator. You can also grab it from my OpalFab modpack and find it inside the resourcepack folder.

Continuity (Connected Textures & Glass) - Grab it HERE

LambDynamicLights - Grab it HERE

Iris ShadersHERE
Sodium ExtraHERE

WI Zoom (Press V then mouse scroll to zoom more) - Grab it HERE

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