Friday, 18 July 2014

Update 18-07-14

Just a small update that I have been away recently trying to get a couple of games finished (will post about that later on).

On the plus side have been working on a brand new theme! So expect a release soon... In the mean time be sure to check out some other free WordPress themes from the link in the menu :)

NewBasic WordPress Theme

A simple and light WordPress theme with a neat design and stylish colors.

Theme Features

  1. Light design with a simplistic layout.
  2. Featured image – large centered image.
  3. Custom Logo option – Theme supports the upload of a custom logo to replace the default site text and description. Suggested dimensions are 300 x 80.
  4. Custom Background option – Theme supports background color changes and a background image. Outside the wrapper, the colors can be changed using the color picker in the ‘Customize’ area. A background image can also be uploaded which can be fixed or scroll-able.
  5. Custom Font – Thanks to the availability of free fonts, this theme features a neat custom font for all the text.
  6. Footer widgets - Add 3 sets of widgets at the bottom of the page.
  7. Return to top link in the footer.

[Update: Theme is now up at]

Thursday, 10 July 2014 Themes Support section

Apologies to anyone who has posted any queries on the support section on I have been away recently and have just got round to opening them. Hopefully most of them should have been answered now!